Cold room shelving is an essential purchase for walk-in fridges and freezers. Modular in design, and adjustable without tools, cold room shelving also needs to fit precise dimensions. Antibacterial properties help to keep the units cleaner between cleanings and in turn protects against moisture and corrosion. With a room full of perishable products it is vital that your hygienic shelving also offers the best ventilation and a simple method of removing the shelves for cleaning.


This steel shelving is an ideal storage solution for your cold room or cleanroom. It allows you to maximize your storage space without compromising on standards and hygiene. Available in various combinations, these cold room shelving can be customized to your space needs.


We at 360 Retail Supplies Ltd. offer a design service, from our experienced team of designers, whereby we can help you to plan out your space to maximize space or storage. Talk to us and we will help you with the best solutions possible around.