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We offer full forklift refurbishment services for used forklifts, designed to bring your equipment back to best performance and reliability while respecting your budget. We can provide the refurbishment either on your existing equipment or on a used forklift you purchase from us.


Each forklift is thoroughly inspected before the refurbishment commences, to identify what needs replacing. The equipment is then dismantled and pressure cleaned to enable a full inspection of chassis and mast hangers. Consumables such as brake fluid, engine and hydraulic oil are disposed of in line with environmental regulations. Mast and carriage are inspected and re-rollered, re-chromed and re-sealed where necessary and brakes overhauled. Hoist chains and forks are tested and replaced if required.


Chassis, mast and all components are re-assembled and the truck is restored. We will then conduct a final functional test to make sure everything is in place and working well.


Our refurbishing services include:

  • Full inspection

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Full Check

  • Replacing old/broken parts

  • Changing fork, tyres & chains

  • Full repaint

  • Seat replacement

Apart from the mentioned services we also accommodate other needs that the forklift requires to be working smoothly and safely.

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