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Range of LED tubes or panels varying in size and shape. This energy saving option is a must for any modern outlet.


Here at 360 Retail Supplies, we understand that no two industrial spaces are alike. That’s why we offer so many highly customizable industrial lighting solutions. We are confident that our line of products will help you finish your warehouse build or renovation project with ease. Enhance your industrial space, improve working conditions, and cut down on costs when you purchase energy-efficient, high-quality LED interior industrial lighting from 360 Retail Supplies.

We also know that every commercial space is unique. That is why we carry a large supply of commercial interior LED lighting options in different styles and sizes. LED lighting not only saves you money by reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs, but it also improves employee efficiency. Unlike traditional fluorescent lighting, LEDs emit natural-looking illumination. This advancement has been shown to increase employee motivation, energy, and concentration by creating a more appealing and comfortable workplace.

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