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There are many types of office chairs, depending on the intended use and the aesthetic coordination to be made with the furniture and the office in which they are inserted. All office chairs have specific ergonomic and safety requirements, regulated by international certifications.


Our chairs are designed for operators who must remain seated 8 hours a day or more. Therefore, they must necessarily be ergonomic, on castors, and have a series of adjustment mechanisms that allow the operator to remain comfortable throughout the day and to avoid the onset, in the long run, of muscular-skeletal problems.


When choosing an operative seat, it is necessary to bear in mind not only the ergonomic mechanisms and the design of the chair itself but also other factors, such as padding, upholstery and accessories.


An important aspect to keep in mind when choosing your chairs is that apart from their comfortability, they must be matching the furniture in the room to make the whole room look cohesive.


Get in touch with us and our experts will make sure you make the right purchase.

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