Looking for a Blue Plastic Pallet that you can use again and again? It's time to move away from wooden pooling pallets that are easily broken and choose a strong, reusable blue plastic pallet.


Plastic is easy to clean and maintain. When a plastic pallet reaches the end of its life, it can be reground to begin its time again as a new pallet, offering many more years of service as a far more durable, hygienic and cost-effective solution to distribution and storage.


We have 2 types of these plastic pallets, one withstanding up to 500Kg and another withstanding up to 1000Kg, they also come in two different colours, Red or Blue.


These are high-performance plastic pallets which are HACCP approved. These pallets are durable and available in various measurements.
Varying from perforated to flat-surfaced, single and double-sided and different sizes.


What are you waiting for? Contact us now to book yours !!

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