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Vacancy - Plumber

We are looking for an experienced plumber to install, maintain and repair sanitation units, water and gas supply lines, heating systems, and associated fixtures and appliances in residential, commercial, and industrial structures.


· Reading and interpreting blueprints to assess or plan plumbing installations and layouts.

· Installing, maintaining, and repairing plumbing systems and fixtures.

· Fitting and repairing various household appliances.

· Cutting, welding, and assembling pipes, tubes, fittings, and fixtures.

· Inspecting and testing plumbing systems for safety, functionality, and code compliance.


· 2+ years of experience as a plumber.

· Valid plumbing license.

· Good working knowledge of water supply, heating, and ventilation systems.

· Proficiency in reading blueprints and using plumbing tools.

· Strong critical thinking and troubleshooting skills.

· Good listening and communication skills.

· Good interpersonal skills and patience.

If interested in this role kindly send your CV to

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