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Vacancy - Warehouse Operator

We are seeking a dependable warehouse operator who is detail-oriented and possesses the physical and mental stamina this role requires.

Duties & Responsibilities

· Assist with all shipping, receiving, and inventory organization operations

· Work under supervision and direction of warehouse manager

· Help to efficiently carry out all product loading and unloading tasks

· Scan and track incoming and outgoing orders

· Inspect receivables for defects, damages, or missing items

· Unload, stack, move, and place products in designated areas

· Adhere to health and safety rules and regulations at all times

· Wear protective clothing and equipment as required

· Operate tools and machinery safely and efficiently according to company protocol

· Work with other warehouse team members to effectively complete assigned tasks


· Previous warehouse experience preferred

· Able to work long hours on one’s feet and perform physically demanding tasks

· Dependable and responsible

· Strong work ethic

· Comfortable working independently

· Makes safety a priority

To apply kindly forward your CV & covering letter to

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