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A reception desk is a very important element for every company. This desk is placed in an area where employees first meet with potential new clients and existing customers. Considering this, the reception area and the reception desk are the focal points in this area and are crucial for the first impression that prospective and existing clients get for your company.


For this reason, it is very important to carefully choose the reception area to furnish your waiting room.


The reception desk should respect the general furnishing of your offices, be in line with the rest of the waiting room or entrance and, in general, be set in a very bright, clean, and welcoming environment.


The size of the counter varies according to the number of operators working, but it must be suitable for the surrounding environment. It is also important to know the size of the monitor that receptionists will use to assess whether the counter you have selected has an adequate distance between the guest side stand and the operator’s worktop.


Finally, remember to enhance your reception with commercial flyers, as well as air fresheners, sweets for the customers and design accessories, to make the environment more welcoming and waiting more comfortable for your visitors.

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