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The need for greater control of parking has developed as a result of growth in motor traffic and particularly in the ownership and use of private cars all over the islands. This is one of the reasons more establishments and businesses are incorporating a designated area for automotive vehicles to park in. This will also attract people to visit the place whether it is a shopping mall or a small shop, as their clients can rest assured that they will not have to waste time finding a place where to park their vehicle.

It is the car park owners' objective to ensure that car parks are safe to use for their clientele. It is crucial to make sure that protective measures are put into place so that those using them do not have to worry about their vehicles. We also have products to secure your car parks such as car park barriers, parking posts and perimeter barriers which can deter theft. It isn’t just commercial car parks that can benefit from our products as many residential properties are using barriers to safeguard their vehicles and to prevent theft.


We offer a wide range of durable and affordable accessories for roads, car parks and loading bays. These include rubber corners, speed ramps, mirrors, bollards, cable protectors, barriers and much more.

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