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360 Retail Supplies Ltd. is the main importer for Fixtec tools in the Maltese islands. This guarantees the best prices available on the market.

The difference between a cheap quality and a high-quality tool is the durability of the tool, they last longer, the usability, they are better to use and cause less user fatigue, they are also safer and meet all local safety requirements. However, some high-quality tools are sold at cheap prices. It means, not all high-quality tools are expensive as most people might tend to think.

Fixtec is a unique brand of tools designed to make professional tools more affordable. We have a large range of approximately 100 hand tools and they are available directly for use or resale. 

Should you wish more information and advise on such tools, do not hesitate to contact our experts and they will help you out in the best way possible.

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