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Column-based mezzanines are multi-story steel constructions that provide an optimal solution for maximizing the use of warehouse space, particularly in terms of height. These racking systems are designed to increase storage capacity by accommodating multiple levels, thereby making efficient use of available space. Mezzanines can be customized to accommodate any combination of racking systems, including pallets, shelving, and cantilever, making them a versatile option for small warehouses and large logistics centres alike.

The use of mezzanines enables the simultaneous storage of products across multiple levels, facilitating a rational flow of goods within the warehouse and providing quick access to any storage unit. Furthermore, mezzanines allow for the storage of different types of cargo on the same system, thereby optimizing space utilization. Workers can access upper floors via stairs equipped with handrails, and the mezzanine can be operated using either cargo handling equipment or manual labor.

Our company offers a complimentary design service that can help optimize your shelving and access space, ensuring that your mezzanine system is tailored to your specific needs. Additionally, we customize shelving and loading capacity to ensure that your requirements are met, and provide certification for our shelving systems to ensure quality and safety standards are upheld.

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