360 Retail Supplies Ltd., will cover all types of works when it comes to turnkey projects. This means that we take care of the water and electrical installations needed throughout the building.

Electrical installations include all the fixed electrical equipment that is supplied through the electricity meter. It includes the cables that are usually hidden in the walls and ceilings, accessories (such as sockets, switches and light fittings), and the consumer unit (fusebox) that contains all the fuses, circuit-breakers and, preferably residual current devices (RCDs).


Water installations (plumbing) are an integral part of the building and its careful design and maintenance are crucial for the long life of the building. As a company, we understand the concept of turnkey projects. Operations of the turnkey plumbing project start right from the design of the building, carried till the construction is completed and maintenance will be carried till the end of the contract.


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