Our best seller, these canvas bags are strong and durable, making them the perfect bag to reuse by your customers time and time again.


You’re probably more familiar with the term canvas bags than you are with ‘non-woven polypropylene (NWPP) bags. Instead of being woven, these bags are pressed to create that appearance. Lamination is then added to ensure ongoing strength and reliability.


Valyou Supermarket Canvas Bag
Ta' Ganza Canvas Bag

When seeing one of these bags you might presume that they are not very eco-friendly; these bags feel very plasticky and artificial. Well, it is true that they are artificial, but that does not make them bad for the environment. In fact, laminated NWPP bags are made using a by-product of oil manufacturing. Since that by-product is created anyway, they do not have much a footprint. Better yet, these bags will not fall apart like the old single-use plastic bags.


Canvas bags let you take full advantage by offering edge-to-edge printing in a wide range of colours and styles. Printing goes right across the bag and stays bright regardless of how much the bag is used.


There are plenty of eco-friendly bagging options available. However, this type of canvas bags is the best choice when moisture is present. They are completely water-resistant, so the material will not weaken when it absorbs liquids. That is ideal when customers need to carry things like fresh fish and meat.

Customizable Canvas Bags

Finally, canvas bags are surprisingly cheap, you can also order a fairly large number without having to worry about making a sizeable drop in your monthly cash flow. Personalised with your image or logo, these canvas bags are a wonderful complement to your brand and outlet as your customers will be giving you free advertising several times when using them. Being a reusable bag, it can also be cleaned after use with no damage done to the material. These are also available as unbranded in stock.

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