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When it comes to transporting or storing products that require secure attachment to a pallet, pallet wrap is an ideal solution. Unlike other packaging wraps, pallet wrap has the unique ability to stretch and then retract like a rubber band, making it well-suited for securing products to pallets. The stretching capability of the material reduces the risk of breakages and damage to goods during transit.

The required tension for wrapping loads can vary depending on the stability needed for the product and the type of wrap utilized. If the wrap is not applied correctly, it can lead to re-stretching and shifting during transport, resulting in potential damage to items.

The most obvious benefit of using pallet wrap is the assurance that palletized products remain securely attached during transit. Additionally, pallet wrap provides protection from harmful elements such as dust, rust, and moisture. Our plastic pallet wrap provides increased efficiency and security, ultimately leading to cost savings. Contact us today to procure your plastic wrapping needs.

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