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Navigating a car in and out of a garage can often be a challenging and costly process. Particularly in instances where corners are not easily distinguishable from the rest of the wall, the risk of damage to both the vehicle and surrounding infrastructure is significantly increased. Our rubber protectors are designed with black and yellow stripes, which serve to contrast against the walls and feature luminous parts that act as warning signs.

Our rubber corner protectors are a cost-effective, long-lasting solution to the impact and abrasion caused by vehicles, particularly heavy ones like trailers carrying large containers in loading bays. In the event of contact or impact, the rubber material effectively minimizes damage.

Easy to install, our rubber corner protectors can be affixed using adhesive liquid, tape, or screws. With a variety of height options and curved or right-angled designs available, our rubber corners are the perfect solution for safeguarding garage corners. Equipped with reflective tape, these protectors offer robust protection for loading bays, warehouses, and personal garages alike.

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