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Are you looking for an ideal retail shelving solution for your outlet? Then, you have come to the right place! 360 Retail Supplies is here to help you out with all your needs.


We supply and install commercial shelving solutions to several industries such as convenience stores, book shops, liquor stores, clothing shops and much more.

A wide variety of shelving options are available to our clients. Shelving requirements may vary from filling open spaces to tight nooks or displaying of light products, heavy products, or the flexibility to change. Therefore, we understand the importance of customising shelving to your space and requirements. It is crucial that the shelving is durable, adaptable, and affordable so the shelving should be of the best quality and it should be very suitable for the product that you are displaying. Different types of products need different types of shelves to display the products in the best possible way. 

We offer a design service whereby we can help you to plan out your space to maximize shelving space and storage. Supermarket Shelving, Shop shelving, food shelving or non-food shelving, you name it, we create it.

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