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Our Bakery Display Shelving Units are remarkable design and high-quality product structures. Bakery Shelving Units are preferred by prestigious stores, has a quality and long-lasting product structure. With various combinations of shelves, drawers and compartments we can cater to your allocated bread area.

These bakery stands are an ideal approach to showcase your stock. We offer bakery stands and shelving that are specifically made for bread and baked goods, which at the same time complement any shop with their design.
This type of shelving displays can present many bakery products has been designed with precision according to the food display and it is produced by considering hygiene. If you need both an environmentally friendly and decorative bakery product display do not look further!

We offer a design service whereby we can help you to plan out your space to maximize shelving space and storage. 360 Retail Supplies Ltd. worked with highly renowned companies in this industry with very successful results.

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