Heavy-duty shelving allows for the best use of available space by offering vertical storage and convenient access. This gives employees the ability to give a quick response and incomparable customer service. It also guarantees durability and years of service available from these heavy-duty shelving.

These Heavy Duty Shelving are designed and produced with quality certified materials and conformity with all the safety regulations. All the structures components have passed strict tests to ensure that they withstand such loading capacities and other health and safety measures. 

All of our shelving options are customised to our client’s needs. Depending on where and what you need the shelving for, we can work with you to determine capacity load requirements and in turn recommend the best shelving option.


Whether the shelving is for a complete warehouse or a back storeroom, we can offer you a service whereby we will design your space for you (obligation free) and do the best to maximize your space.