Column based mezzanines are multi-storey steel constructions that are best suited for full use of warehouse height. These racking systems make the most use of storage space by increasing the number of storeys. Mezzanines allow combining any types of racking: pallet, shelving or cantilever. They are equally used in small warehouses and large logistic centres.


Mezzanines allow storing of products simultaneously on several levels, providing rational warehouse flow and quick access to any storage unit. Mezzanine allows placing different cargo on the same system. That saves much space. Workers climb to the upper floors on the stairs with a handrail. Exploitation is carried out both by means cargo technics, as well as manually.

We can offer a complimentary design service to see how we can optimise shelving and access space. We will customize the shelving and loading capacity to your needs. 360 Retail Supplies Ltd can also offer you certification for this shelving.