Crowd control stands complete with either rope or extractable separator. Ideal for queue control, lobbies, or area separations. For special occasions and VIP events, these bollards allow you to maintain an organized event without interrupting your venue's elegant design.

We offer a wide selection of stainless-steel bollards with fabric belts and stainless-steel bollards that come with a rope that can be quickly reconfigured according to circumstances. Perfect for crowd control and steering visitors in desired directions, these rope barriers can create effective visual and physical barriers in high traffic areas.

Our best-seller, the Mat Black stainless-steel bollards have been the go-to option for many businesses and extensively used outside retail shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and others for giving an exclusive feel to an area. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help finding the appropriate rope barrier for your needs.


Here at 360 Retail Supplies we constantly strive to supply the latest models, work with the most reputable brands, and have a vast range available in stock to meet tight deadlines of our clients.

Bollard with rope belt
Bollard with red belt