Paper bags are the most common choice for shoppers and retail business owners nowadays, especially with governing bodies drawing attention to environmental awareness and being more sustainable. These types of bags are reusable and bio-degradable which helps their popularity. Their crate shaped plan enables them to stay upstanding and hold more, making them more durable than they might look.


Below are a few ways in which paper bags can be reused after the customer's purchase:

  • Shopping bags

  • Lunch bags

  • Gift bags

  • Cosmetics bags

  • Beach bags

  • Promotional bags


Branded Paper Bags
Customized Paper Bag

Most people these days lean toward utilizing Paper bags since they are strong, fashionable, easy to carry, occupy less space and hold a ton of things.


Businesses have been using customizable paper bags as a promotional tool for quite a while now and that goes to show how well customers react to it. Some have also been creative and experimenting with this tool to increase brand awareness and attract more prospects which will in the end help the brand to present itself to the intended interest group. Therefore, we can see that paper bags have moved toward becoming something of a style and grown-up toy in the present market.


Choosing the correct size of bags is also important for the brand image. One should select the sizes depending on the business’ product specifications & amounts. For instance, a jewellery shop does not need to have large bags as they will be too bulky for the products they sell, thus affecting their brand image.


Here at 360 Retail Supplies Ltd., we are dedicated to offering you the best products to your requirements! In fact, these bags are available in all different sizes and colours, with or without handles, plain or personalized to your brand.



Coloured paper bags
Shopping Bags