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Products that need to be secured to a pallet when transported or stored can be covered in a plastic wrap, called pallet wrap. It differs from other packaging wraps because it can stretch and then pull back in. It’s almost like a rubber band, and this makes it ideal for securing products to pallets. A material that stretches well decreases the chance of breakages and other damage to goods.

Loads will differ in the amount of tension that’s needed when wrapping them. The variations apply to the stability the product needs and the type of wrap you’re using. If the wrap isn’t applied correctly, there can be a re-stretch, which will cause shifting during shipping or transport. When this happens, items can easily be damaged.

The obvious benefit of using pallet wrap is to secure palletised products during transit, ensuring that they stay together. Other advantages include the protection it offers from harmful elements such as dust, rust and moisture.


Our plastic pallet wrap can increase efficiency and security, which all lead to cost savings.


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