360 Retail Supplies Ltd. specialises in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit any retailer from a small convenience to the largest supermarkets on the island. Our mission is to bring the best quality of supermarket shelving to all businesses at a very good price.  


We understand the importance of customising shelving to your space and requirements. It is crucial that the shelving is durable, adaptable, and affordable so the shelving should be of the best quality and it should be very suitable for the product that you are displaying. Different types of products need different types of shelves to display the products in the best possible way.

360 Retail Supplies Ltd. caters for supermarkets, cash & carries and any retail store in need of versatile and reliable supermarket shelving. When choosing shop shelving for supermarkets you will need to take into account the display requirements of different products, and the most effective layout for an efficient and successful store.


We offer a design service, from our experienced team of designers, whereby we can help you to plan out your space to maximize shelving space and storage. Talk to us and we will help you with the best solutions possible around.