Trolleys are an often overlooked essential characteristic in the modern workplace. There are many situations when using a heavy-duty truck would be impractical and something more lightweight and versatile is required to carry the items you need.

Trolleys can be used for picking and sorting orders, storing and distributing small items or just for general jobs around the workplace. They should be strong, long-lasting and manoeuvrable.


These trolleys have wheels to make transportation much easier around your environment. Some of the trolleys have shelves to store smaller items. There are also hand trolleys that are designed to make a manual lifting action easier even for large and heavy objects.


Our extensive range of warehouse trolleys includes hand trolleys, table trolleys, trolleys with hinged shelves and much more. Varying in capacity load we can cater for the moving of most items and can provide a solution. Durable material and quality products mean our trolleys can sustain the daily toil of a busy warehouse.