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We provide a range of sturdy bags in various materials, including fabric, paper, canvas, and thermal, that are designed for repeated customer use and resale. Our customizable canvas bags are an excellent addition to your brand and establishment, as they can be personalized with your logo or image. Additionally, we offer unbranded bags that are readily available in stock.

Fabric Bags

Branded fabric bags are a cost-effective and fashionable promotional item that can capture attention. These reusable bags are available in various hues and can be personalized with your brand logo or image, providing an excellent opportunity to expand your brand beyond your establishment. These bags are of an optimal size for merchandising and can also be sold at checkout.

Size: 320mm x 520mm x 190mm or customized

Material: PP non-woven

Weight: Customized 30—160gsm, Normally 80—120gsm

Printing: Silk Screen/machinery printing

Fabric Branded Bags
Paper Branded Bags

Paper Bags

Paper merchandise bags and customized paper bags are critical marketing tools, as they are widely used by individuals of all ages to transport personal belongings. Our paper bags are available in a wide range of sizes and colours, with or without handles, and can be left plain or personalized with your brand.

Canvas Bags

Our canvas bags are our top-selling product, known for their strength and durability, making them an ideal option for customers to reuse repeatedly. By personalizing these bags with your logo or image, they can serve as an excellent marketing tool for your brand and establishment. The reusable nature of these bags also provides a cost-effective way to gain repeated exposure, and they can easily be cleaned after each use without causing any damage to the material. We also offer unbranded canvas bags that are readily available in our inventory.

Size: 450mmx x 380mm x 200mm

Material: PP non-woven

Weight: Customized 30—160gsm (Standard 80—120gsm)

Handle Material: Self-material

                             PP webbing belt

                             PP rope

                             Padding handle

Printing: Lamination Printing

Canvas Branded Bags
Thermal Branded Bags

Thermal Bags

These thermal bags are an excellent choice for transporting frozen foods, ensuring that they remain frozen during transportation until they reach home. Our insulated thermal bags can also be customized with your unique logo and style, creating a lasting impression on your customers. By providing these reusable bags for sale, you not only offer a practical solution for your customers, but also generate revenue and exposure for your brand.

Size: 450mmx x 375mm x 220mm

Outer Material: PP non-woven

Inner Material: Aluminium Foil + PE Foam

Usage: Fruit, milk, frozen food, seafood

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