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Vacancy - Plasterer

360 Retail Supplies Ltd. is looking for an experienced Plasterer to join our team! We are searching for a skilled plasterer to work on our construction projects and to deliver excellent plastering to our clients.

Job Responsibilities:

· Understand which materials are best for both new construction and old buildings and obtain them beforehand

· Prepare walls and ceilings for stucco and cement by cleaning, taping and fixing any holes or cracks

· Create a mortar mix that is perfect for the particular application, modify it when necessary and ensure the new plaster matches the consistency and texture of the existing plaster

· Coat walls with plaster and go over the undercoat to make sure the final coat is flawless and requires few touchups

· Design the desired texture and create ornamental plaster, recreating original designs when necessary

· Construct scaffolding so plaster can be applied to ceilings and other hard-to-reach places and re-position it as needed

· Hang sheets to protect doors and windows from wet plaster and remove light switch covers

· Remove all tools and scaffolding from the job site and ensure high cleanliness standards are maintained at the end of every work day


· Familiarity erecting scaffolding and working with ornamental design tools

· High range of mobility to apply plaster in all necessary areas

· Excellent teamwork to achieve flawless results

· Ability to meet tight deadlines

To apply kindly forward your CV & covering letter to

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