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Vacancy - Welder & Metal Fabricator

Due to constant growth within our Commercial & Materials Handling sector, we are seeking to recruit a Full-Time Welder/Metal Fabricator

Job Description

We are looking for a motivated, experienced welder to join our company as a Welder Fabricator. As part of our team of professional fabricators, you construct and manufacture metal parts and products, taking particular care to produce clean, polished welds. You follow blueprints, determine material measurements, and take responsibility for fabricating parts used in later assembly processes. You are responsible for the quality of your output, so you must be able to perform simple tests to ensure weld quality and tolerance.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Fabricate and manufacture metal parts for later assembly

• Follow blueprints to ensure exact specifications of output

• Produce strong, clean welds

• Test output to ensure strength and tolerance of welds

Requirements and Qualifications:

• Prior experience welding, preferably in a manufacturing environment

• Familiarity with common welding tools and procedures, including MIG welding

TIG welding, metal fabricating, grinding, and finishing metals

• Ability to stand, crouch, and occasionally lift heavy equipment

• Blueprint reading and knowledge of common welding symbols

To apply kindly forward your CV & covering letter to

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Jul 16, 2022

I need a welding job

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