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Are your serving dishes for platters starting to look outdated?


Upgrade your restaurant or food supply business with our high-quality food platters, bowls, and trays. These buffet serving platters and trays can also be utilized for residential settings, such as large family gatherings, or for presenting the main course with a touch of sophistication on a Sunday afternoon. Our buffet platters have a simple yet elegant design suitable for any event.

Our serving platters are perfect for buffets, as they are spacious and can hold a wide range of items, making them ideal for restaurants or catering events. Additionally, the appetizer trays can be used on a counter or tabletop and are perfect for holding items on self-serve tables at various events.


Our range of acrylic dishes is incredibly durable, withstanding high temperatures ranging from -20°C to +80°C, making them ideal for the catering and hospitality industry. This range offers a stylish presentation, and its modular design enables you to create the desired design for your establishment. Additionally, our dishwasher-safe and food-approved products are available in an extensive range of options, from serving dishes to buffet displays, bowls, and platters, providing a complete solution for your serving needs.

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