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Are hazardous spillages a frequent occurrence in your workplace?

It is crucial to have the appropriate absorbent material to handle such situations. Spill kits are specifically designed to contain and clean up spills, leaks, or other discharges of oil. With prompt response and clean-up, these kits are essential for ensuring a safe work environment. Proper selection of the right product can simplify tasks, improve workplace safety, and even save money.

Our company offers cost-effective and efficient solutions that provide fast local response to unexpected spills. Our spill kits are available in several application types, from simple spills to more complex leaks involving chemicals and oils. They are supplied with the necessary protective equipment and absorbent material required for each substance, including water, sewage, chemicals, oil, and other hazardous materials.

At 360 Retail Supplies Ltd., we have you covered with our extensive range of spill kits that can help you control any type of spillage.

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