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Catering disposables have become a crucial component for various food establishments, including mobile caterers, restaurant chains, coffee shops, and takeaway establishments. These disposables are highly practical for everyday use as they minimize food waste and prove to be incredibly useful during outdoor events such as weddings, buffets, and food markets. As the demand for sustainable materials continues to grow, our top-quality selection of catering disposables serves as an excellent option for businesses looking to attract a wider audience.

Our stylish range of catering disposables provides the perfect solution for mobile caterers, allowing them to save time on washing up and focus on what matters most - providing excellent service. Our range includes Glass-like bowls, pipettes, pinewood containers, display stands, mini dishes, flip-top pots, platters, display stands, cutlery, and much more. The disposables we offer are cost-effective, without compromising on style. Our customers choose 360 Retail Supplies Ltd. for the unparalleled quality and service that we provide to meet their expectations.

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