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The compactible warehouse shelving system addresses the saptial constraints that many companies deal with when it comes to stock managment, particularly when storage expansion is impossible due to limited land area. This advanced system strategically eliminates stationary shelves and fixed corridors, reserving only one for optimal shelving access, resulting in a 100% increase in UDC (Unit-Load Devices) or up to a 50% reduction in the warehouse shelving footprint. The system is flexible and adaptable, allowing for the reuse of existing shelving and accomodating various shelving types. 

Key Features of the Compactible Warehouse Shelving System:

  1. Spatial Optimization: By compacting all the shelving units together and eliminating most corridors, the capacity of the warehouse’s storage space is drastically increased.

  2. Flexibility: The system is capable of functioning with various types of shelving variants as well as shelving that already exists in the warehouse.

  3. PLC Integration: The system utilizes Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for seamless plant management integration with logistics automation systems.

  4. Compatibility: Can handle loads with varying weights and is capable of being installed on various flooring types.

  5. Installation Configuration: The sliding tracks can be installed on existing pavement with minimal construction or set up to be integrated with flooring that will be laid in the future.

Upon delivery, the system includes a comprehensive calculation report crafted by licensed professionals, affirming its meticulous design and installation in full compliance with regulations. 


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