Driving a car in or out of a garage is usually difficult, and sometimes it might be expensive. Sometimes corners might be tricky when they are not highly distinguishable from the rest of the wall. That is why our rubber protectors have their black and yellow stripes to contrast against the walls and also it has luminous parts which will be as a warning sign.


These are a cost-effective, long-lasting solution to the effects of impact and abrasion caused by vehicles, especially heavy ones like trailers carrying large containers in loading bays. But in cases where there is a contact or impact their rubber material will minimize the damage. 

Our rubber corner protectors can be installed very easily by either using an adhesive liquid or tape or screwed in.

Available in various heights and curved or right-angled, these rubber corners are the perfect solution for protecting garage corners. Marked with reflective tape, this strong protection is ideal for loading bays, warehouses and personal garages.