Over the years 360 Retail Supplies has grown into one of the leading companies in our industries. This experience has enabled us to cater to businesses of all sizes and across industries. We constantly strive to supply the latest models, work with the most reputable brands and have a vast range available in stock to meet the tight deadlines of our clients. All products utilised within our design services are in keeping with energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout.


Merchandise stands


The low or high divider allows you to present your small products in bulk, on your shelves. In conjunction with the rails, they allow you to create partitions on your displays. The partitions clip onto the front rail and the rear rail will allow for exceptional modularity.


Our dividers allow you to segment your product range into numerous modular compartments. They are positioned on the shelf using adhesive or magnetic rails, with or without a stopper. They are available in several lengths and heights.


Display stands


Extensive range of display stands customized to your company or brand. A display stand helps to advertise and merchandising with a direct impact on product sales. Stands are available in various types of material including cardboard, metal, plastic or wood. These stands are so versatile that they can be adapted to shelf-ready cartons, hanging displays, flexi-stands, counter displays, baskets and pallet stands. These are the perfect solution for branding your product in outlets and they are totally customized to your needs.