Parking lot mirrors provide visibility for drivers and pedestrians. Fundamental safety and parking enforcement tools, convex safety mirrors widen the field of vision for at-risk areas. Get a full rearview. Peek around tight corners. Peer into blind spots. Improve safety and secure peace of mind with these critical parking supplies.


Safety mirrors are more than parking garage supplies. Wherever you need enhanced visibility—loading areas, driveways, alleys, streets, factories, offices—convex mirrors provide the perfect solution.


Similar to all of our parking lot, equipment and supplies, these safety mirrors are strong and durable. They are built to withstand the toughest conditions. Look through our parking lot supply catalogue to find mirrors for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Our dome mirrors and corner mirrors ideal for anti-theft in supermarkets and retail outlets as well as perfect for blind spots in car parks and loading bays. Varying in size from 60 - 85cm in diameter.