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The desk is the main element of an office because it outlines the aesthetic and gives a particular character to the environment. There are several types of desks depending on their use, the role of who is using them and the message your brand wants to convey.


A first impression is given by the use in operative offices or executive offices, which differ in terms of dimensions, materials, finishes, configurations and modularity.


The desks follow specific legislation that defines: dimensions, resistance and safety requirements, such as rounded corners, as well as the minimum height in order to allow a correct housing of the legs and the top resistance to different factors (light, dirt, liquids and others).


How to choose the right desk?


From the design point of view, it is necessary to evaluate the company mission and the message that your company wants to convey, in order to decide the mood that your office should have. 


Do you prefer to convey an idea of the elegance of have an informal environment? Do you prefer elaborate or simple spaces? Colourful or total white? On the base of these first decisions, you can then select the best product for your needs.


One last aspect to consider is the functionality of the spaces. An office has to be beautiful, but also functional and therefore desks have to be selected according to their use. This way, it will be possible to choose the right size, type, quantity of accessories with which to enrich the desk.


For further information kindly get in touch so one of our experts can help you out in choosing the right desk for your needs and liking.

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