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Ratchet Belts are a specific style of belt that ratchets down to your desired size by using a buckle mechanism that fastens into place. The position of the belt is controlled by using a range of teeth and a latch secured in place by magnets rather than the traditional peg and holes that most belts use.

The paired hardware accessories of our ratchet belts are thermal-treated and professionally tested, secure, and safe to use. The straps are made by high tenacity polyester fibers, which feature good water absorption and effective adaptability, suitable for use in transportation as professional tools to secure cargo.

They are also, generally used in logistics and heavy transportation. Suitable for fastening and bundling most kinds of products.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us 360 Retail Supplies Ltd. and our experts so we can help you find and choose what is the best products for your requirements while keeping in mind your budget.

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