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Workplace health & safety is a hurdle all businesses need to deal with carefully, as the consequences of failing to comply with the legislation are often severe.


Our wide range of products includes warning tapes that help keep staff and visitors safe on site. Organizations use these tapes to mark certain sites that are prone to hazards. This includes construction sites, accident sites on the road, any electrical panel with open wiring or any other area that exposes a risk to human health and well-being.

Reflective Tape


Reflective Warning Tape may be used wherever low light or night-time light reflectivity is needed to increase visibility. These reflective warning tapes improve the safety standards during night-time, blackouts or low-visibility conditions. When you point a light towards it, the light reflects toward the source of the light, immediately alerting people to objects up ahead. 


Anti-Slip Tape


The anti-slip tape is suitable for places where you want high traction on landing surfaces and prevents people from falling or skidding. It has excellent performances on various surfaces and in extreme temperature condition. It is the best choice for your indoor and outdoor safety equipment because of its weather-resistant material.


These warning tapes are a very cost-effective measure one can take to make their workplace more secure for those using the space, while not breaking the bank. 


Get in touch now with us and let our experts help you choose the right type of warning tape for your needs.

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