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A Great Car Park Comes With Great Responsibility!

Car park owners need to ensure that car parks are safe to use for their clientele. It is very important to make sure that protective measures are put into place. Being a ground floor level carpark or a multi-storey one, here is what one needs to know to have a functional and safe carpark.

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Speed limitation

A key aspect of traffic calming in car parks is limiting the velocity of cars. A speed limit should be set and clearly marked. Nevertheless, using signs alone is often not as efficient as there will always be motorists who ignore the regulations. Thus it’s best to include speed bumps to encourage responsible driving, secure more control over traffic flow, and reduce the chances of an accident.

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These are marked for enhanced visibility, complete with the fixings needed for installation. To get the safest solution, careful thinking about the speed bumps’ positioning needs to be considered. Vehicles should preferably drive over the speed bumps in a straight line, as turning on them may damage the speed bump not to mention cause serious discomfort for the driver and their passengers. Bumps should also be set back from any intersections, to minimize the possibility of cars stopping when pulling away.

Monitoring traffic flow

Flow plates only allow traffic to move in one direction and are mostly used for entrances and exits on car parks. These offer an easy method of stopping vehicles from entering via a specified exit point. It is of vital importance that the flow plates are accompanied by clear signage so that drivers have adequate warning and should also be used in conjunction with speed bumps so that vehicles are slowed down to the correct velocity before driving over the plates.

As with speed bumps, it’s important to select the right placement for your flow plates. They should always be installed on straight sections of the road where vehicles are not turning, to avoid damage to the plates themselves and the vehicle travelling over them. Our flow plates are easy to fix or relocate should you feel the positioning needs to be adjusted!

Pedestrian safety

In addition to ensuring that the drivers are protected from potential car park risks, one is also obliged to provide sufficient protection for pedestrians. One is required to implement certain safety measures to ensure the guidance of the pedestrians in a particular route and separating them from the flow of traffic. The incorporation of bollards can warn drivers or pedestrians and bring their attention to areas or objects that may pose a hazard.

Temporary protection

If you ever need to carry out maintenance or construction work in your car park you will need to separate drivers and pedestrians from the area. Water/sand-filled barriers are perfect for creating a temporary barrier. Moreover, they can be easily stacked and transported so one can keep them on hand for future use. They are extremely visible and provide a clear warning to motorists or pedestrians.

They can either be water filled or filled with sand for a more long-lasting solution.


Once you have installed all these car park products, you can examine their use and check if the measures put in place are indeed successful. For instance, an adjustment of the positioning of your speed bumps or flow plates may be needed. One may need to introduce more signs to guide pedestrians. The security of the fixings on these products should be checked regularly to ensure the car park remains safe and functional for all its users.

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