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Choosing the Right Shelving System for Your Business: A Vital Decision

Selecting the idea shelving system for your business might seem straightforward at first glance, but in reality, it’s a crucial decision that demands careful consideration. Various types of shelving systems cater to different needs, making it essential to match the right one with your specific requirements. Your choice of shelving can significantly impact your efficiency, organization, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Consider Your Product Needs

Man planning his shelving options.
Consider what you'll be storing.

Before diving into the world of shelving options, it’s essential to evaluate the nature of the products you intend to store. The type of shelving you install should be directly aligned with your inventory’s characteristics. Lighter shelving systems, for example, are suitable for items that weigh up to 120kg per shelf, while sturdier options are better suited for heavier goods.

For exceptionally heavy items, such as those in a warehouse, pallet racking systems become the go-to choice. On the other hand, if you aim for swiftness and convenience, bolt-less shelving systems are perfect, particularly favoured by small companies and for household purposes.

Budget and Space Planning


Choosing shelving for your business is akin to embarking on a project. Financial planning is crucial to prevent overspending that can erode your profits. Have a clear budget in mind before selecting a shelving system. Additionally, assess your available floor space and contemplate how you can optimize it for future growth. Always overestimate the weight of your products to ensure the shelving can handle the load. Short-term thinking may hinder long-term goals, so meticulous planning is your best safeguard.

Accessibility Matters

Never assume that your shelving will fit effortlessly. Take precise measurements to maximize your space and ensure your chosen shelving fits your available space. Accessibility should be a priority, especially in a business setting. Your employees will frequently need access to the stored items, so consider the height of the shelving and its reachability.

Key Questions to Ask Before Buying a Shelving System

Before making a final decision, ponder these crucial questions:

1. What types of products will be stored on the shelves?

2. How many products will you need to accommodate?

3. How heavy are the products?

4. What are the dimensions of your storage materials?

5. Will you require frequent access to your products?

6. Have you taken accurate measurements of your available space?

7. Have you carefully planned your layout for optimal efficiency?

A One-Stop Solution: 360 Retail Supplies Limited

With all these factors to consider, the search for the perfect shelving system may seem daunting. 360 Retail Supplies Limited offers a diverse range of shelving options that can be fully customized to meet your specific needs. Regardless of whether you need shelving for a complete warehouse or a back storeroom, we offer a comprehensive service. We’ll work closely with you to determine capacity load requirements and recommend the best shelving solutions, while also providing professional design services to maximize your available space.

Contact us for a quote or more info Tel: +356 2713 9608, 2713 9616, 2713 9617 Emai:


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