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A Forklift Truck attachment can come in different shapes, sizes and capacities, all of the forklift attachments add usability, versatility and practicality to a forklift truck. These attachments turn your forklift into a very useful piece of machinery on the workplace. All of the attachments that we supply are quality products that are manufactured to a high standard by quality suppliers.

The most popular attachment is the portable loading platform that offers a safe and quick method to load/unload cargo and equipment with a forklift when no docking bay is available. Simply insert forks into the pockets of the platform, secure to the forklift with the safety chain and the cargo is ready to be loaded onto a truck or trailer

To find out more about our new stocks coming in, get in touch with us online or call us on +356 79313233 / +356 27139608 to talk to our experts.

Forklift Safety Cage

Foldable Forklift Safety Cage

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