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​Whether they are powered by a battery or an internal combustion engine, forklifts are essential in any business whose operations involve heavy lifting and material handling. They are used to safely lift and move loads of great weight for extended periods. Forklifts are designed to last, but like any other machinery, forklift parts are susceptible to wear and tear. To keep your lift trucks running and your employees safe, high-quality forklift parts and accessories are essential.


Below are 3 different parts of a forklift that is important to be checked frequently:


Brakes & Tires

There’s a lot of stress put on your forklift where the rubber meets the road. That can result in extreme wear in your tires, brake shoes, and the bearings around your wheels. Worst of all, a sudden problem occurring with your forklift tires or brakes can cause an accident resulting in serious damage and injury. 




Your forklift mast is made up of several individual pieces, some requiring more care than others. From the mast rollers to the lift chain to the tips of the fork, each part needs to work in tandem to keep your lift truck at peak performance. One or more of these parts wearing down or becoming uneven across the mast can result in sudden drops or accidents, or further damage to your entire forklift.


Air & Oil Filters


If you’re familiar with automobiles, the dangers and signs of old, worn-out filters on a forklift will be all too familiar to you. If not replaced, bad oil and air filters can damper the performance of your engine, decrease fuel economy, and cause your forklift to work harder overall. 


Here we offer a wide range of forklift parts suitable for your machine, making it easy for you to keep your forklift operational at all times. Get in touch with our experts and they will guide you in choosing the best parts possible for your forklift.

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