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Our Clean burning LPG-fuelled forklifts offer around 98% less pollution than diesel, which contributes to respiratory diseases like asthma. Gas trucks deliver a much healthier environment for workers than diesel trucks.


It also increases your driver comfort with noise levels below those required by Health and Safety legislation, and less vibration than those produced by diesel-powered forklifts.


All it takes is a quick cylinder change, or refill from a bulk tank and you are off again. LPG fuel is also theft-free and spill-proof, unlike diesel.


Our 18kg FLT Propane gas cylinder is designed to be laid on its side and has a special fitting for an LPG forklift truck.


No matter which industry you are in, your equipment needs to run reliably so your team can get their job done. You need a fuel that is powerful, safe, dependable—and doesn’t slow you down or break the bank. Propane ticks all those boxes and more, helping lead your business to more efficient, effective operations.




Capacity: 18kg

Height: 800mm approx.

Diameter: 320mm approx.

Recommended Offtake: 63,000 BTU/HOUR.

Product Net Weight: 18 kg approx.

Cylinder Tare Weight: 18 kg approx.

Total Gross Weight: 36 kg approx.

Propane Gas Cylinder on Forklift
refillable gas cylinder

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